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  1. GTX 1080 OC max_0,925mV @Furmak passed.JPG. 293,9 KB · Aufrufe: 218 GTX 1080 OC max_0,925mV @TimeSpyResult.JPG. 155,6 KB · Aufrufe: 189 thermalpaste Lieutenant. Dabei seit Juli 2010 Beiträge.
  2. Im just wondering what is safe or average OC in both core and memory clock speeds for a GTX 1080 (wondering if a boost in 220 core and 120 memory clock are safe) (and what is the average/ in the most case people would overclock to what number) many thanks MSI 1080 Duk
  3. g benchmarks compared to the Titan X and GTX 1080. Also overclocking results! Pick it up here: http://amzn.to/2motrhC..
  4. As you can see from the table of hashrate results with the stock settings and the overclocked GTX 1080 the average performance increase we are getting is about 12%. A result that is not bad, but a more serious overclock can help us get even more hashrate from the GPU, unfortunately making it less attractive in terms of hashrate per watt. The problem with low performance for Neoscrypt and not.
  5. Overclocking. For our final evaluation of the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 Founders Edition cards, let's take a look a overclocking. Whenever I review an NVIDIA reference card, I feel it's important.
  6. If you look at the specifications sheet, the Strix GTX 1080 OC model has an official GPU boost of 1936 MHz. So stability is guaranteed up until that point. Any extra megahertz that you manage to squeeze out of the graphics card is considered overclocking. Your sample doesn't seem to be stable at 2050MHz at higher resolutions. What you can do is downclock the GPU Clock to maybe around 2000MHz - 2025MHz to find your stable frequency

The GTX 1080 Ti memory only comes in one form, which is GDD5X and made by Micron. From looking at many different results across the Web, the overclock is extremely wide, but it seems a limit of 11,950Mhz is the highest I've read about. With 11,000MHz as the starting value, it's hard to say what individual overclocks will be. Also be aware this is Double Data Rate (DDR). This means 400 is. This article will cover the results of our DIY liquid-cooled GTX 1080 'Hybrid' vs. the Founders Edition card, including temperatures, VRM fan RPM, overclocking, stability, and FPS. Our clocks vs. GTX 1080 Founders Edition Review & Pascal Architecture. Complete Disassembly of GTX 1080 - The Road to DIY 1080 Hybrid. DIY GTX 1080 'Hybrid' Results: 102% Lower Thermals. NVIDIA GeForce GTX. GTX 1080 Owners.. how well does yours OC? Discussion +145 / +500 is as stable as I can get mine. 2025-2038 core clock in a game running at 68-72c. I have a price gouged MSI Gaming X 8G. Extra info: Firestrike Basic 17,047. Valley Extreme HD 4601. Heavensward Benchmark Max DX11 14237. How well does your 1080 OC? Please post your OC and GPU. I'm curious if anyone won the silicon lottery. 164. Overall, GTX 1080 Ti is very similar to the rest of the Pascal lineup when it comes to overclocking. It doesn't hit as high of an overclock as the 980 Ti and other 900-series cards achieved, but.

We have reviewed the GTX 1080 with our full benchmark suite of 26 games this last Tuesday for BTR's readers, and we have concluded that at stock settings, it is the fastest single-GPU video card in the world, beating the GTX 980 Ti, the TITAN X, and the Fury X by large margins. Increases in bandwidth and power efficiency allow the GTX 1080 to run at really high clock speeds over 1733MHz at. Posted by razor_1988: gtx 1080 overclock Posted by razor_1988: gtx 1080 overclock Profile. Update avatar. Update avatar. Browse. or drag an image. PNG, GIF, JPG, or BMP. File must be at least 160x160px and less than 600x600px. GeForce Forums. Discover; Support; Search; Quit being a lurker! Join the community and customize your feed. GeForce Graphics Cards; GeForce Laptops; G-SYNC.

To overclock our Strix GTX 1080, we will be using GPU Tweak II, ASUS' own in-house overclocking utility. It's good at what it does and there are certain functions that were developed specifically for ASUS graphics cards which are not available in other utilities. When it comes to testing for stability, each user swears by a different program. In my case, I like using the Unigine Heaven 4.0. The first stock and overclocked performance results of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card in 3DMark have leaked out by Videocardz.There are still a few weeks before the reviews go live but. Unigine Superposition: https://goo.gl/LtF0CGFollow der8auer: https://www.facebook.com/Der8auerEcc/https://www.instagram.com/der8auer/der8auer Systems at Case.. The GTX 1070's 3,953 score puts it behind the 980Ti and 1080, which scored 4,211 and 4,884 respectively. The score is still well ahead of the GTX 970's, however. The score is still well ahead.

GeForce GTX 1080 Overclocking Guide With AfterBurner 4

  1. AW: Geforce GTX 1080 im Test: Der erste 16-nm-König mit 2 GHz im OC-Betrieb Zitat von Ebrithil Vielleicht weil die nVidia Treiber von Anfang an so gut waren, dass man da nichts mehr rausholen kann
  2. Taktraten und Overclocking. Bei den GeForce GTX 1080 Karten sind Taktraten von bis zu 2000 MHz in der Regel gar kein Problem, insbesondere natürlich dann nicht, wenn die Karte so wie die Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme bereits mit einem Boost-Takt von 1911 MHz gerüstet ist. Das der Boost-Takt nur ein Minimalwert ist, liegt der Takt in der Praxis zumeist deutlich über dieser Angabe.
  3. GTX 980Ti Overclocking Potential And Results. Discussion. I wanted to see just how much performance you could gain by overclocking a 980Ti as far as it can go, the 980Ti has very conservative clock speeds, for the reference cards at least. The aftermarket cards usually come with hefty overclocks straight from the factory. The stock boost for a reference 980Ti is about 1076mhz, but if you.
  4. The results are great: even with Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition running at its peak overclock, the GPU's temperature never exceeds 44°C. Peak Temperatures GPU Diod
  5. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4930K,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. RAMPAGE IV EXTREME GPU Temp bei max 43° Werde es heute mit der Spannung/Frequenz Kurve versuchen und mich hier nochmal melden . DrEvil2055 PC-Selbstbauer(in) 24. März 2017 #8 Ich zocke in 4k und ultra einstellungen + TAA. 70-90 Fps . Reaktionen: wolflux. wolflux Lötkolbengott/-göttin. 29.
  6. g PC—the largest deter
  7. Can Gtx 1080 Be Overclocked If you attempt to push your GPU too exhausting with the MSI Afterburner overclocking software program, your graphics card will both present graphical glitches, or your PC will crash. To overclock your graphics card, you'll need two pieces of software program

Some GTX 1080s have poor results even with --revA. One miner we encountered was using the GTX 1080 G1 Reference model and went from 23 mh/s to 25 mh/s using --revA. This miner was also originally. Looking next at the 1440p results we see the MSI 1080 squeeze ahead in Crysis 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, but the Crysis 3 result could simply be a minor inconsistency in testing as there is a human element involved. Rise of the Tomb Raider was only a 0.7 FPS (1.5%) differential. This was all without overclocking though, when cranked up the HYBRID pulls a decent margin in all testing. Here in the 1440p testing was the first time we saw any results under the magic 60 FPS number, but even.

Ich konnte meine EVGA GTX 1080ti Founders Edition bei 0,800V auf 1696 Mhz stabil Untervolten. Alles darüber führte über kurz oder lang zum Absturz. Die Lüfterkurve habe ich vorerst gelassen (viel Luft nach unten gibt es nicht) und so wurde die Karte unter meinem Worst Case Test Witcher 3: max. Einstellungen; 2160p; Insel mit extrem viel Nebel was überdurchschnittlich stark die Karte in diesen und allen anderen Spielen beantspruch GTX 1080 Ti: Technik, Platine, Lautheit, Leistungsaufnahme GTX 1080 Ti: Benchmarks, auch mit Overclocking GTX 1080 Ti: 11 GiB VRAM, GPU-Boost und Fazit Bildergalerie zu Test der Geforce GTX 1080. Software for Pascal overclocking Succeeding the GTX 1080 series are the GTX 1080 Ti FE, various NV Titans, and now mighty Pascal GP102 with custom board designs and high-end performance cooling solutions. Even with such a large amount of shaders, these GPU s have the ability to boost clocks to 2000 MHz and beyond Even if not looking to overclock the card, simply increasing the power target can net some additional performance. You will hit the power limit on the 1080Ti long before hitting a thermal one thanks to the Strix cooler - even when not overclocked. I'd recommend increasing this to 120% before starting. FPS Target: No real introduction needed. With this set, the card will limit itself to the desired frame rate. Doing so can reduce temperature, and as a direct result help GPU Boost 3. Maximum Overclock Comparison; Max. GPU Clock Max. Memory Clock; ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP! 2088 MHz: 1400 MHz: Palit GTX 1080 GameRock: 2114 MHz: 1400 MHz: ASUS GTX 1080 STRIX: 2114 MHz: 1400 MHz: Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming: 2050 MHz: 1405 MHz: MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X: 2050 MHz: 1400 MHz: NVIDIA GTX 1080 FE: 2114 MHz: 1450 MHz: MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X: 2101 MHz: 2420 MHz: NVIDIA GTX 1070 FE: 2088 MH

MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X Review, Overclocking, & Thermal

MSI GTX 1080 & GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G Overclocking Review

Find results that contain... Any of my search term words; All of my search term words; Find results in... Content titles and body; Content titles only ; PC Hardware and Related Software; All Activity; Home ; English ; Reality ; PC Hardware and Related Software [Overclocking] GTX 1080 MSI AfterBurner Settings [Overclocking] GTX 1080 MSI AfterBurner Settings. By Thisdale, July 27, 2016 in PC. Fact that GTX 1080's capable of reaching 2.1GHz on aircooling without any modifications confuse lot of people, making them to think that these chips can overclock well past 3GHz on liquid nitrogen cooling. But it's still silicon, with similar architecture, so reality is bit sour. Yes, it allow to get good performance without extreme cooling, but hides the fact that LN2-cooled 980Ti is.

GTX 1080 OC\UV Ergebnis ComputerBase Foru

Running the Unigine Heaven benchmark on a loop in 4K, the GTX 1080 Ti was able to boost well beyond its stated 1,600MHz clock speed, happily sitting at around 1,800MHz at around 84 o C... Although it may sound strange, in Silent mode GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X uses its stock frequency. The other two modes increase the frequency by the so called overclocking. We reached 1961 MHz by pressing the OC button which translates into 13% increase of the base frequency. The second bonus that we find in Gaming App is Eye Rest The GTX 1080's base MEMORY frequency is actually 2,500 MHz on a 256-bit wide memory bus, but being a GDDR5X it will read as 5,000 MHz, and if you double it up, you get an effective data-rate of 10 Gbps, or an effective speed of 10 GHz. 320 GB/s of bandwidth. Nothing to worry about all these figures though. Just make sure the performance of the card is good This is the first die shrink since the release of the GTX 680 at which time the manufacturing process shrunk from 40 nm down to 28 nm. In terms of typical 3D gaming performance the 1080 is around 30% faster than the GTX 980 Ti and it manages to deliver the additional performance with a TDP of just 180 Watts which is 70 Watts less than the 980 Ti. The new Pascal architecture delivers a satisfying jump in performance over Maxwell and the GTX 1080 is now the fastest single GPU available. Over.

We have included both the 3DMark package and Unigine Heaven, while GeForce GTX 1080 GameRock Premium Edition performed at base frequencies - you can find the post-overclocking results in our Overclocking capabilities and results section. Unigine Heaven 3.0 and 4. The memory could have gone +700Mhhz, but exhibited a bit of instability, so was backed to +500, resulting in the same effective memory clock rate of the RX 480. We've included our guide for. The GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition Overclocking We overclocked the GTX 1080 Ti in our original OC review versus the overclocked Titan Xp. We were able to add 150 MHz to the core and a 500 MHz offset to the memory with the result that we reached a steady 1999 MHz core and 6000 MHz (12000 MHz) memory clocks Hi! I'm a noob in terms of overclocking cards, but I've got myself a GTX 1080 founders edition that i want to get some extra % out of, with as little risk as possible.I heard % voltage increase is the most risky in terms of OC, so is it safe for me to slowly try to aim at a 1900-1950mhz gpu boost wi..

overclocking the asus gtx 1080 strix oc: Now overclocking with the new ASUS GPU Tweak proved to be counter productive so instead, we played with the card using the EVGA PrecisionX OC tool. We got a maximum of 1787 Mhz base clock followed by a 1926 MHz boost clock and a 1264 MHz memory clock The range of scores (95th - 5th percentile) for the Nvidia GTX 1080-Ti is 36.9%. This is a relatively wide range which indicates that the Nvidia GTX 1080-Ti performs inconsistently under varying real world conditions Compared to our overclocked GTX 1080 FE configuration, ASUS' manually-tuned ROG STRIX GTX 1080 Ti OC is 3.8% better in 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra, 3.5% better in Gears of War 4, and 5.4% better in. When overclocked, the GTX 1080 raises that lead by additional 24 percent. Of coruse, these are just a first leaked benchmark results so take them with a grain of salt as official reviews are just.

It's been over a month since the GTX 1080 launch and there's not a single vendor that doesn't have some OC version of the graphics card. There's about eight I can think of at the top of my head and they are all leveraging the insanely high clock speeds of the GP104 silicon. Initially, NVIDIA demonstrated a sample operating at 2.1GHz which of course gave enthusiasts and in particular. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 3DMark benchmarks. Interestingly the first leaked results are showing overclocking performance rather than stock. So for comparison, I'm using scores from my review. According to screenshots, the GTX 1080 Ti was running at 2062 MHz with memory at 5702 MHz. It's hard to say what is the actual boost clock of GTX.

Whats a safe Overclock for a GTX 1080 - Graphics Cards

Overclocking results for the card were superb, The ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080 Ti OC (O11G) 11GB graphics card is available to purchase from Overclockers UK for £809.99 (at the time of writing. 6. 3DMark Vantage Texture Fill result. Unknown. Help us by suggesting a value. (Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 OC) Unknown. Help us by suggesting a value. (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080) This benchmark is designed to measure graphics performance. Source: AnandTech. Show more Specs + Price comparison. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 OC. Buy used: $169.98. Product Store Price; Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Super.

GTX 1080 TI Benchmarks + Overclocking Results - YouTub

There's still some wiggle room for manual overclocking, but we'll talk about that later on in the review. Detailed Look. ZOTAC has changed up the box art for the GeForce GTX 1080 AMP The end result is that while the GTX 780 isn't going to be an overclocking champion, it's in a good position to satisfy overclockers. On our sample we've been able to push it ahead by 200MHz. Why is MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Aero OC better than Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming? 1.6 GPixel/s higher pixel rate? 104.4 GPixel/s vs 102.8 GPixel/s; 0.13 TFLOPS higher floating-point performance ? 8.36 TFLOPS vs 8.228 TFLOPS; 4 GTexels/s higher texture rate? 261.1 GTexels/s vs 257.1 GTexels/s; 17mm narrower? 269mm vs 286mm; 4mm shorter? 111mm vs 115mm; Scroll down for more details. Which are. First table shows factory overclocking when TDP limit has priority and when temperature limit has priority. This chart shows overclocking results, with poor 48 MHz better results over factory performance. That said ComputerBase confirmed the rumors from PCGamesHardware. The so-called Extreme overclocking (2050+ MHz) on STRIX GTX 1080 is poor. NVIDIA's GTX 1080 Ti - the Titan X Killer? The new GTX 1080 Ti is here and offers a step change in performance when compared with the last generation, Maxwell architecture GTX 980 Ti

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Some of these have internal benchmarks which are great for consistent results. The others, we used FRAPS to record in game FPS, which we test 3 times and average for consistency. Outlier results are discarded. The graphs speak for themselves . The Founders Edition GTX 1080 Ti was already a beast, but the Zotac AMP takes it up a notch again. We think some of these games are worst case, or most. 1-16 of 238 results for 1080 gtx MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X SLI DirectX 12 VR Ready Graphics Card (GTX 1080 ARMOR 8G OC) (Renewed) 4.5 out of 5 stars 13. $999.99 $ 999. 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Mar 26. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Edition 11GB GDDR5X 352-bit PCIe 3.0 Gaming Graphics Card VR Ready(ZT-P10810D-10P. GIGABYTE GTX 1080 Windforce 3X OC Power Consumption Temperature and Sound. Even though NVIDIA has focused on efficiency as one of their top priorities, a mid to top-range GPU is still going to use a bit of power, so we'll take a look at just how much the Windforce 3X OC actually uses compared to others, and see how loud and how cool (or not) it happens to run It is not safe to overclock Nvidia Gtx 1080 Ti because overclocking makes the process heated up. However, increasing clock speed up to a certain limit may decrease the lifeline of your equipment but will provide extra utility and performance. What is overclocking? Overclocking is the process of configuring hardware components to receive extra performance from a GPU or CPU. This process is done. Showing results for Alienware R6 GTX 1080 Ti Overclocking and performance Is there an official guide for over clocking the Dell's OEM GTX 1080 Ti ? I ran the 3D Mark's Time Spy benchmark and I am getting only 8,778 graphics score. CPU is 4590 with an i7 7700K, total score is 7,721 . There are better GPU scores (10k to 12k) in the 3D Mark database with the same hardware setup, except the.

1-16 of 629 results for video card gtx 1080 MSI Graphic Cards GT 1030 2G LP OC, Low Profile. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,089. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming Video/Graphics Cards GV-N1070G1 GAMING-8GD . 4.2 out of 5 stars 815. MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 192-bit HDMI/DP 6GB GDRR6 HDCP Support DirectX 12 Dual Fan VR Ready OC Graphics Card (GTX 1660 TI VENTUS XS 6G OC) 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,484. Seite 19: Overclocking. Auch wenn Zotac die GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition bereits ab Werk am höchsten übertaktet ist und diesen Wert in den meisten Benchmarks auch halten kann, haben. The MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X 11G scored 12,877 in 3DMark Fire Strike (Extreme) easily eclipsing the Founders Edition 1080 Ti by almost 5% and giving a lead of almost 23% over an overclocked GTX 1080. Big performance in this card, people!! 3DMark Time Spy shows a strikingly similar result with the 1080 Ti Gaming X scoring 8,766, beating the FE by almost 5%, and that same GTX 1080 by over 21%

The performance of the Gigabyte GTX 1070 Windforce OC card is impressive; I was benchmarking scores on a single card that were eclipsing the results of the two GTX 660 cards I had replaced and it took the VR gameplay in its stride. Despite the GTX 1070 being the number two card in town at the time (second only to the GTX 1080), I'm pretty confident that the it can still handle any game with. Seite 20: Overclocking. Obwohl die ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Strix OC schon ab Werk übertaktet ausgeliefert wird, haben wir es uns nicht nehmen lassen, noch weiter an den Taktreglern zu drehen An overview of the GTX 1080 TI and gaming benchmarks compared to the Titan X and GTX 1080. Also overclocking results! Pick it up here: sourc Overclocking and Thermals. In terms of overclocking and thermals, this GPU did extremely well. I wanted to verify NVIDIA's claims about thermals and overclocking so we overclocked the GTX 1080 up to 2.138 GHz while running the fan at 100% (4000 RPM) and were able to get an artifact-free stable overclock and test of the SteamVR benchmark. During overclocking, with the fan at 100% the GPU. On average, at 4K performance is up 10 percent—not too shabby! The GTX 1080 Ti routinely bumps into the power limit when overclocked, and you can achieve a decent performance improvement without..

Starting off with the GTX 1080 STRIX OC and its core speed of 2088MHz eclipses the GTX 1080 Gaming Z by a mere 12MHz. Once again that pesky voltage restriction stepped in and really limited the additional Power Limit headroom's effectiveness. On the memory side of the equation the STRIX OC does lose out by a pretty hefty margin against that same Gaming Z which could point towards MSI utilizing a higher speed bin for their pre-overclocked chips but memory running at just over 11Gbps can't. NVidia claimed a stock clock speed of over 2,000 Mhz and over 5,000Mhz on the memory clock speed for the 1080 !!...all with 8 GB of blazing fast new DDR 5X memory ! My GTX 1080 is not overclocked. Still waiting for your photos to be moderator approved. In the meantime, consider posting some photos of the inside of your case, so we can see your CPU cooler and top exhaust fan. Maybe you just need to cool your case (and internal components) down. 0 Kudos Reply. redxps630. 5 Tungsten Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Mute; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink. The GTX 1080 SC Gaming ACX 3.0 features a higher clockspeed compared to a reference GTX 1080, which means it has been factory overclocked to reach higher framerates and overall better performance. The base clock speed has been set at 1708 MHz, which is a 6.3% increase compared to the reference 1607 MHz. The boost clock has also received a factory overclock to 1847 MHz compared to the standard 1733 MHz, a difference of 6.5%. This results in a slightly better performance, although practical. GTX 1080 TI Benchmarks + Overclocking Results 是在优酷播出的科技高清视频,于2017-03-12 07:23:42上线。视频内容简介:GTX 1080 TI Benchmarks + Overclocking Results

Overclocking - The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 & GTX 1070

The Bottom Line: COLORFUL has made a near perfect GeForce GTX 1080 with the iGame GTX 1080 Vulcan X OC. 60C under load, barely any noise, and HUGE overclocking headroom. This is a MUST BUY. This. 2391. 1x RTX 2080 Ti + 3x RTX 3090 ( 1 result ) 2331. 3x RTX 2060 SUPER + 1x RTX 2080 + 2x RTX 3060 Ti + 1x RTX 3080 ( 2 results ) 2325. 4x RTX 3080 ( 12 results ) 2179. 5x GTX 1080 Ti + 2x RTX 3080 ( 2 results ) 2086

The overclocked custom cards unsurprisingly consume slightly more power than the GTX 1080 Founders Edition, but that's to be expected. Under load, the GTX 1080 FE consumes significantly less power.. GTX 1080 Founders MSI GTX 1080 Factory OC MSI GTX 1080 +80/+440 OC; Ashes of the Singularity, Extreme, 0x MSAA, DX11: 68.6: 74.0: 78.0: Crysis 3, Very High, SMAA T2X: 83.0: 89.6: 94.9: The. The tested GeForce GTX 1080 Ti card was running at 2062 MHz while the memory was clocked at 5702 MHz which is roughly a 200 MHz overclock. That's quite impressive for a reference card while the.

Overclocking the Strix GTX 1080 - Asu

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Vendor Asustek Computer, Inc. # of cards 3 SLI / CrossFire On Memory 11,264 MB Clock frequency 2,088 MHz (1,493 MHz) Average clock frequency 2,088 MHz Memory clock frequency 1,566 MHz (1,376 MHz) Average memory clock frequency 1,566 MHz Average temperature 12 °C Driver version Driver status Approve Asus ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 OC Edition (Overclocked) - Base Clock 1594Mhz, Boost Clock 2000Mhz, Memory Clock 11750Mhz Impressively, temperatures did not increase as a result of our additional clock speeds. We re-tested two game benchmarks and one synthetic benchmark to check the difference ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080 OC vs non OC version question. 8. Jul 2016. Jul 2016. Johnny3777 . 5y. 17 Jul 12:28PM. Forum Actions. Report Post . Just a quick question about these two boards as only the standard version is in stock where I live, assuming that you win the 'silicon lottery' on both boards are the both capable of the same clock speeds or are the better boards reserved for the OC.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 3DMark Firestrike BenchmarkFirst overclocked GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 3DMark benchmarks

ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1080 TI OC Unigine Superposition. For this benchmark, we set the resolution to 4K or 3840×2160 to push the graphics card as hard as we could. The STRIX GTX 1080 Ti OC easily takes the top scores. Unigine Heaven ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1080 TI OC Unigine Heave The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING temperature in LOAD reaches 70 degrees Celsius but stabilizes around 68-69 degrees. The card is cool and won't cause any heat-related issues like throttling

DOA: NVIDIA GTX 1650 Review, Benchmarks, & Overclocking vsOfficial NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Performance | VideoCardz5 best overclocking software for AMD CPUsInno3D Announces its GeForce GTX 960 Lineup | techPowerUp

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Vendor Galax # of cards 4 SLI / CrossFire On Memory 11,264 MB Clock frequency 2,316 MHz (0 MHz) Average clock frequency N/A Memory clock frequency 1,619 MHz (0 MHz) Average memory clock frequency N/A Average temperature N/A Driver version Driver status Approve Though when looking through a typical GP104 overclock results, I may be close to card's limits. My average temperature during these benchmarks hovered only around 75 ° C. The maximum temperature, which was achieved while benchmarking Deus Ex, was 79 ° C. The Conclusion of MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Armor 8G OC Review. To sum it all up, I'm left feeling satisfied with the upgrade. Generally. With our look at NVIDIA's Maxwell-based GeForce GTX 980 and 970 out-of-the-way, I thought I'd spend some time taking a look at them again, but this time from an overclocking perspective.When we were briefed by the company a couple of weeks ago, it made a point to say that Maxwell was a very overclockable architecture, and as the results here will prove, it wasn't joking The GTX 1080 Ti has a 184 MHz higher core clock speed and 24 more Render Output Units than the GeForce RTX 2070. This results in the GTX 1080 Ti providing 50.1 GPixel/s better pixeling performance... The EVGA GTX 1080 FTW's essential spec sheet. (Click to enlarge any image in this article.) Speaking of which, the EVGA GTX 1080 FTW rocks a fairly healthy overclock out of the box. While the. Search: GTX 1080 (60 results) Sort by . Options . Search within Results. Results per Page. Layout. MSI nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X 8GB GDDR5 256 Bit Graphics Card. Out of Stock. Price. R . 9,055. Wish List. Quick View. ASUS ROG Strix nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Graphics Card - Advanced Edition 90YV09M2-M0NM00. Out of Stock. Price. R . 15,524. Wish List. Quick View. Gigabyte nVidia.

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